Uwemba-Pastilles® Sund & Skin Complex Sund and Skin BG
Sun & Skin Protection
Uwemba-Pastilles® Sun & Skin Protection – For the maintenance of normal skin.  
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Uwemba-Pastilles® Cardio Care Complex Cardio Care Complex BG
Cardio Care Complex
Uwemba-Pastilles® Cardio Care Complex – Support of normal heart function
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Uwemba-Pastilles® Immune-Booster Complex Immune Complex BG
Immune-Booster Complex
Uwemba-Pastilles® Immune-Booster Complex – Support for your immune system.
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Anti-Stress Complex BG
Anti-Stress Complex
Uwemba-Pastilles® Anti-Stress Complex supports the body to a normal mental as well as cognitive function*
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Body Cleanse Complex
Uwemba-Pastilles® Body Cleanse Complex supports the body in normal metabolic function*
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The Original
Uwemba-Pastilles® The original
is a supplementary feed consisting of 9 plants
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