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Uwemba-Pastilles® Cardio Care Complex Cardio Care Complex BG
Cardio Care Complex
Uwemba-Pastilles® Cardio Care Complex – Support of normal heart function
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Uwemba-Pastilles® Immune-Booster Complex Immune Complex BG
Immune-Booster Complex
Uwemba-Pastilles® Immune-Booster Complex – Support for your immune system.
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Anti-Stress Complex BG
Anti-Stress Complex
Uwemba-Pastilles® Anti-Stress Complex supports the body to a normal mental as well as cognitive function*
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The origin of Uwemba Pastilles®

In Uwemba, in the southwest of Tanzania, the idea for this plant mixture was born. The first cultivation trials of the main plant, mugwort, were carried out in the monastery garden of a resident Benedictine mission. Due to the climatic conditions there and the, volcanic soil, the plant thrives there particularly well. Uwemba pastilles have been produced in Switzerland for 20 years.
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The power of herbal multi-substance mixtures

The use of herbal multi-substance mixtures in phytotherapy has been discussed and researched in Switzerland and Europe for many years. Medicinal plants, which have been used in traditional medicine for a very long time, contain complex mixtures of secondary substances. Many plants dispense with highly effective, selective substances. They do not act against their enemies (bacteria, viruses, fungi, herbivores or even competing plants) with a monoactive ingredient, but with a multi-substance mixture that develops a so-called broad-spectrum effect.

The effects are jointly directed against important target structures of cells, such as their proteins and biomembranes. These are found in all animal, bacterial, fungal cells and viruses. For this reason, multi-substance mixtures can be used excellently against microbial enemies.

Plants usually store the broad-spectrum active ingredients in places that are essential for their survival, such as leaves, flowers, seeds or roots. These regions of the plants are often attacked first by their enemies. That is why the broad-spectrum active ingredients are present there in high concentrations. The use of medicinal plants should be viewed from this evolutionary point of view. The plants contain mixtures of active ingredients that attack various cellular components relevant to diseases and general health disorders.

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The quality of Uwemba Pastilles®

Manufactured, analyzed and released under GMP guidelines

We vouch for our good manufacturing practices!
That’s why we work according to the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) – the European standards for quality assurance in the production of pharmaceuticals and food supplements.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Gentle processing of the plants and predominantly organic quality

Each of our plants requires its own climatic conditions, so they are planted all over the world. For example, the mugwort plant Artemisia originates from the Benedictine mission in Tanzania. In cooperation with regional producers, we pay attention to sustainability and organic cultivation.

Our products consist of plant components that complement each other in their benefits. While still in the country of cultivation, the plant partswith high potency are sorted and strictly tested for possible microbiological contamination when they are delivered to Switzerland.

The plants are processed in Switzerland, gently and energy-efficiently ground and pressed into herbal pastilles. Thus, we monitor the entire process of production according to European quality standards and ensure that there are no harmful substances.

Quality from Switzerland – high quality and reliability

Products from Switzerland are known for their quality. This Swiss quality is a commitment for us! We guarantee the highest standards of production and consistently high quality and reliability of our products!

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What are Uwemba-Pastilles® ?

Uwemba-Pastilles® are various herbal multi-substance preparations. Currently 3 products are available, which are suitable for different indications.

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