Mitarbeiter mit einem Hut auf dem Feld

The beginning was the tea…

Benjamin Spitteler, Gründer und Inhaber von N.U.S. AG

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

We would like to introduce you the philosophy of our company and our brand “Uwemba-Pastilles®“. In this day and age, when the number of products and the promises associated with them are unmanageable, we want to strengthen our bodies naturally from the inside with Uwemba-Pastilles®.

Many therapists and users appreciate the health-promoting effect of our products.

Benjamin Spitteler, founder and owner

Our history

First cultivation trials with the Artemisia annua plant at the Uwemba site in Tanzania. First trials of Artemisia as a tea for patients at the mission hospital in Uwemba.
Mitarbeiter auf dem Feld
First pastille version made from pure Artemisia annua is administered to malaria patients at the mission hospital in Uwemba.
Missionsspital in Uwemba
Foundation of the company N.U.S. AG by Werner and Benjamin Spitteler. Further development of the pastilles with additional plants, which made the pastilles a multi-substance mixture. product is given the name “Uwemba Pastilles®“.
Uwemba-Pastilles® - Produkt-Etikett
Several reports on Swiss television about the Uwemba pastilles. Interest in Uwemba-Pastilles® in Switzerland is increasing.
SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen - Logo
Artemisia annua Complex Pastilles are marketed in Switzerland as a herbal medicinal product under the product name “Artemisia annua comp. Pastilles” registered and distributed under dispensing category D.
NUSAG Timeline - 2002
A preliminary study on the effect of Artemisia annua tablets is being conducted in collaboration with the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology Institute (ICIPE) in Kenya.
NUSAG Timeline - 2005
Start of distribution in Germany. The product is marketed under the brand name “Uwemba-Pastilles®” as a dietary supplement.
NUSAG Timeline - 2012
Start of sales in Poland with distribution partner.
NUSAG Timeline - 2017
Artemisia annua comp. Pastilles are now marketed in Switzerland under the brand name “Uwemba-Pastilles®“.
NUSAG Timeline - 2018
The Uwemba-Pastilles® brand is further developed and a second product is created. Uwemba-Pastilles® Body Cleanse Complex is newly introduced.
Uwemba-Pastilles® Body Cleanse Complex
N.U.S. AG is launching Uwemba-Pastilles® Anti-Stress Complex.
Uwemba-Pastilles® Anti-Stress Complex
Uwemba-Pastilles® Immune-Booster Complex newly available. The main plant used is specially planted Artemisia absinthium, which contains the active ingredient “artemisinin”.
Uwemba-Pastilles® Immune-Booster Complex